Thursday, February 5, 2015

Homemade, Sugar-free, Almond Joy Creamer by Louise & Mindy

1 - 12oz. can of evaporated milk
1 C milk (more or less)
1/2 C powdered creamer
6 packets of Splenda 
1 T baking cocoa
.5 t almond extract
1 t coconut extract
1/2 C boiling water


  1. In a quart sized jar pour in evaporated milk and both extracts.
  2. In a glass bowl mix together creamer, cocoa, and Splenda.  Add boiling water to issolve thoroughly.  Pour into evaporated milk mixture and shake or stir.
  3. Add enough regular milk to fill jar.
  4. Added to tea or coffee, this is amazingly good and much less expensive than the product pictured!

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