Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cooking Tip: Buttermilk

Many recipes call for buttermilk because acid is needed to react with baking soda in your recipe to create a nice light product with plenty of moisture. Since buttermilk is not a basic kitchen staple, here is a tip for creating buttermilk for your recipes: place one tablespoon of lemon juice into your one cup measure then fill to the brim with milk for one cup of buttermilk. Skim or fat free milk used the same way will create: fat-free buttermilk. If you’re out of lemons, orange juice or vinegar would substitute equally well for the lemon juice. To create other measurements of buttermilk, please use the following ratio: 1 part lemon juice to every 15 parts milk.


  1. Buttermilk not a staple?! Who ever heard of such? It's definitely a staple in my house. :) But this is a neat trick and there have been times when I've discovered we're out of buttermilk so I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for the great tip, and I love the look of your new site Louise!

  2. Thanks, Deanna, cooking is another one of my passions . . . right up there with writing fiction. Now if I can meld them together somehow . . .
    That'll be for another story!

  3. Site is looking very good!

    And good tip for buttermilk. I admit that I only have buttermilk on hand if I plan way ahead. So now, no worries!